Our tailored services and solutions are segregated as follows:

  • Architecture, Interior – Design and Project Management
  • Automation and Domotics
  • Carpentry, flooring (interior plank or exterior decks) and various activities around wood
  • Ceramics, tiles and flooring
  • CVC’s (Cooling, Heating and Ventilation)
  • Electricity, Internet, Telecom, IT
  • Gardening – Landscaping
  • Interior Design and Project Management
  • Masonry
  • Plastering and Paint
  • Plumbing and heating
  • Site security management and CCTV
  • Solar Panels – renewable energy– power pumps
  • Swimming-pool and SPA
  • Various reporting and property management tools (IT)

Examples : We can renovate or transform a small bathroom or kitchen all the way to an entire apartment, house or barn…


What’s next for the maintenance of your property?

Our facilities management department is a team of professionals equipped with the know–how and modern innovation to provide direct facilities services to clients. The full range of our facilities management services includes soft services, hard services, technical support, and other maintenance services.

Our approach integrates a transparency-based approach with day–to–day use of technological advancement for client’s visibility, linking together our work portal to deliver support and maximum satisfaction.

With combined, end–to–end facilities management services which delivers performance and cost–efficiency to clients.
Our facilities management services guarantee improvement in clients’ daily management of their properties and work-space to reflect the image that they want to create for their own clients and employees.

You can rely on us to provide highly tailored expertise.

Our qualified industry professionals, with specialized expertise across the range of facilities management services, are on hand to apply best practice that is tailored to adapt your individual requirements.

  • CVC’s (Cooling, Heating and Ventilation)
  • Facilities management and maintenance
  • Installations
  • Plumbing and other handyman
  • Telecommunications

“We maintain the tradition, preserving your trust and caring for your investments.”

Fast facts:

  • 12 years + of project management experience
  • No budget overruns for the last 5 years


“Let us do the work in gardening of your properties.”

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, removing dirt, eliminating bad odors, or destroying unwanted micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi.

Why clean?

  • Environmental protection
  • Good conversation of materials
  • Good premises hygiene
  • Preserve health
  • Quality of life and work


Our clients are among the top Architects, General Contractors and Property Developers of Switzerland, as well as private property owners.

Since 2008, we are proud to be present on some of the major construction sites of Residential projects in the region.